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Extra Curvy (up to 5X)

Women’s Extended Plus Size Clothing (Up to 5X)

Looking for cute and trendy women's extended sizes? You'll find them at Heavenly Boutique. We have a variety of clothing designed to fit every woman's figure, because we believe that every girl deserves to feel strong, confident, and beautiful.

We have a wide selection of cute tops, trendy bottoms, and everything in between. Shop for trendy tank tops, comfy jeans, trendy cardigans and kimonos, graphic tees, and much, much more.

Many women have a difficult time finding cute and trendy clothes that fit. They hang onto the few outfits that complement their figure long after their clothes are old, worn, and covered with stains and holes because at least it's comfortable. They feel anxiety about going shopping because they often leave the store empty handed and feeling discouraged.

At Heavenly Boutique, you don't have to live that way. You can find cute plus size fashionable outfits that make you feel proud of your body and inspire a confident smile.

We carry trendy designer clothing for women in a variety of sizes to fit any figure. From petite to curvy to extra curvy, you'll find something made for you at Heavenly Boutique.

We offer sizes up to 5X because every woman deserves to find women's apparel they love.

Local Brands You Can Trust

Our clothing is locally sourced here in the US. We work hard to keep a variety of clothing from the brands you love so that you can easily find the styles and sizes you need. Most brands size their clothing a little differently, so working with consistent vendors means finding clothing that you can be confident will fit you.

Our vendors offer high quality clothing made from durable materials that last and are well worth every penny you spend on them.

When you’re looking for extended plus size clothing that makes you feel comfortable AND beautiful, look no further than Heavenly Boutique.